5 aircrafttyres connected

Special fender of 5 aircrafttyres connected by chain. Height 215 cm and width 219 cm.

Chain is connected true the tyre bead, so very strong connection. 


Pile aircrafttyre dock/marine fender

Pile aircrafttire dock dender (PADF-6)

  • 6 aircrafttires connected together with 3 chains
    Also available with 3,4,5 or 6 tires together
  • Very strong aircrafttires (30ply). Max load tyre for airplane 62 metric tons!!
  • Chain 18x64 mm, DIN 766, Hardness 400 brynel, breaking load 36 metric tons
  • Total weight (6 aircrafttyres + 9 meter chain) about 450 kg
  • Max dimensions fender about 260 cm width and 106 cm height
  • Can be used horizontal or vertical
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COR-480 Fender protection from OTR tyre

Max length about 4,80 meter (about 188 inch) 

Produced using the 26.5-25 OTR tire

Our own production --> fast delivery 

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COR-380 Fender protection

Rubber from aircraft tire for extra protecting (tug) boat rubber fenders. 

Produced from very strong used aircrafttyres. Weight about 85 kg.

Our own production --> fast delivery  

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Aircrafttyre fender with welded wheels

Very strong boat fender.

  • Welded with 3 wheels. Extra secured with anchor chain
  • Very strong aircraft tires
  • Aircraft tires are filled with profiles aircraft tires for additional strength (almost massive)
  • Height 1230 mm (3 tires x 410 mm)
  • Width 1030 mm 
  • Total weight 619 kg
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Tyre net for YOKOHAMA fender

Tyre net from aircrafttyres to protect pneumatic or Yokohama fenders.



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